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12 Wedding traditions you don't have to follow.



The white dress: Wedding dresses were not always white.People used to just wear their best clothes on their wedding day. Queen Victoria was such a social influencer that when she wore a white dress for her wedding to Prince Albert it spread like wildfire. Everyone had to wear a white dress after that and it has stuck around all this time. If white isn't your color then skip it and go for whatever color you like blue, pink, yellow and yes even black. My Bride Michelle wore a purple dress that she handpainted the back of and nailed the look. So find a color that looks good on you and step out of Queen Vicky's shadow! 


The Veil: Here is my take on veils. They are beautiful if done right such as an intricate lace one or a statement one that not everyone has. If you are wearing one just because you think you have to then skip it. If you have an amazing back detail on your dress don't cover it. Let it be seen! Flower crowns, headbands, and tiaras are perfect. So if you are on the fence about it then skip it. I promise no one will notice.

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The bridal party: Here's a secret it's okay not to have a bridal party. Anyone that was at the wedding can sign you marriage certificate as a witness. I have seen some drama with bridal parties especially the Groomsmen. So don't feel obligated to have 864 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. Have one on each side and call it a day or skip it all together. Now if you want a lot in your Bridal party then that's great but don't let people guilt you into having people in your party that you might not really want or might give you some trouble along the way.


Flower girl and ring bearer: While we are on the Bridal party topic. You don't have to have a flower girl or ring bearer at all either. They are adorable and when they do good it's a good thing but when they aren't in the mood it is a tantrum waiting to happen. So either skip them or make your Grandma and Grandpa the flower girl and ring bearer they won't give any problems and it's freaking adorable! I mean just look at Andrea's Grandma as her flower girl! 



The Garter: Having the Groom dive under the Bride's dress in front of Grandma and her parents can be awkward. The history of the garter comes from back in the day when it was said to be good luck to have a piece of the wedding dress by shredding it off of her as she left the reception. They made the garter to throw as a way to distract the mob while the couple made a quick dash into the night. Since we aren't ripping the dress off the Bride anymore the garter really doesn't have a meaning anymore.

P.s. The reason why I didn't include the bouquet toss was because I think it's still a nice touch and doesn't creep anyone out in the process. 


The Guestbook: I promise you won't ever look at it after the wedding. Instead do something creative like little wooden hearts to write on and put in a frame, get a Polaroid and have them take their pic, have guests write a date idea and stick it in a jar, have them sign a piece of wood or one of your engagement photos to hang in your home. Hit up pinterest for guest book alternatives and you will not be short on ideas.  



The sweetheart table: Instead of sitting away from your family and friends join them at one of the tables and have dinner with them. It's a celebration and being close with them will add a great guest experience for all of you!



The vows: Personalized wedding vows that you have written to each other are always amazing! They make us laugh, cry and feel all the love between the Bride and Groom. So throw out the traditional vows and write your own. It's super sweet and romantic! 


The cake: Some people don't like cake so, if you are one of those people then why would you have cake at your wedding? Do something you do like. Pies, doughnuts, a dessert bar, a sundae bar, etc... The list can go on and on. Pick what you love and I promise no one will miss the cake. 



Seeing each other before the ceremony: I know I talk a lot about it but, since it's one of the major traditions I had to add it. I have a whole article on why this tradition can absolutely be skipped and doing a first look can add such a romantic aspect to your wedding day. So head over to that article and read up on why I love it so much! 

I hope you've enjoyed these traditions that you can skip. Again these are only my opinion and if you want to keep these traditions for your own wedding there is nothing wrong with that. Make your love story your own and it will be amazing! 

Happy Planning! 


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