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Bonus Tips

I hope you have enjoyed my wedding guide and it helps you plan your perfect love story! Below are my bonus tips that didn't quite fit in with the other categories. Enjoy!



So if you are not having a wedding planner at least consider getting a good day of coordinator. You can't do it all yourself and you shouldn't have to stress if friends and family are going to be able to handle all the details and make sure the flow of the day will be handled. A good day of coordinator will make sure everything runs smooth and on time. Plus they handle any small glitches (and there will be glitches) that come up throughout the day. You have worked hard and waited so long for this day and you should be enjoying the moment with as little stress as possible!



Favors and programs: Isn't that favor adorable? Of course it is. Now do you want 150 of them at the end of the night? No you don't. I can't tell you how many weddings I walk away from and the Mother of the Bride/Groom is telling me "Please take some of these favors we have so many left." (I have a lot of succulents in my house lol) While it's cute guests really don't care about favors. It's an expense that when asked just about every Bride will say they would have done without. Instead of favors opt to get a taco, pizza or ice cream truck to come during the reception. Or have a sundae bar or dessert bar. If it's cold have a hot cocoa bar. I promise you no one will miss the favors and you won't end up with 150 succulents or honey jars at the end of the night. 

Also programs are another added expense that you just don't need. Guests will look at them for a few seconds and they end up in the trash after that. Don't stress about how to design them and how much they cost. Put up the days events on a chalkboard, mirror, one of your engagement photos, etc... Place it in a central area and call it a day. Plus it's less trash in the environment! 


Pinterest effect:(I didn't have a photo that fit a tip about Pinterest so here is a cute puppy) Now before I start I want to say I love Pinterest. I pin everything wedding stuff (I'm not even dating anyone), food, Harry Potter stuff, travel ideas. You get it. It's an amazing place to get inspired for your big day. But don't let all those perfect weddings and styled shoots make you feel you have to do it all  just to keep up. Take a few things you love and run with it. This day is about you and your fiance and how much you love each other, the rest are just details. So use Pinterest to get inspired and make your love story your own!

Dog Smile


No phone: Now hear me out before you start throwing things at me. I know it's hard to be away from your phone but I have seen so much stress come from Brides getting calls and texts about the caterer is late, the cake hasn't arrived yet, someone can't find their shoe, should the tables be 2 feet apart or 3. It's crazy the things that people go to the bride about. You have worked so hard and waited so long for this day and you need to enjoy every second and be in every moment. The day goes by so fast it's over before you blink and you don't want to be stressing over if a groomsmen is missing a cufflink. 

So send your love a morning text that you love them and can't wait to start forever with them and hand the phone to a Bridesmaid or someone else. If there is a real emergency then they can let you take the call or text. Let others handle the little fires that will, yes I said will pop up throughout the day. Sip your momosa, smile and soak it all in. I guarantee you will thank me for it.


Unplugged ceremony: It's a frustrating thing to look at the guests during the ceremony and see 100 phones and ipads in the air. After capturing weddings for so long I am good at avoiding it 99.9% of the time but, it bothers me that people aren't enjoying the moment that the couple has worked so hard to put together.


So put a sign up or have the officiant make the announcement that you have hired and amazing wedding photographer ;P to capture the ceremony and you want friends and family to just enjoy the moment. No one will be offended and everyone will be fixed on the two of you and your promise of forever! 



Enjoy: My last tip is probably the most important one. Enjoy. Enjoy the laughter, tears, hugs, kisses and moments of your wedding day. As I've said it goes by so fast that it feels like a whirlwind. So be in every moment and enjoy this perfect day!  

I have loved sharing all these tips with you! I hope they have given you some great ideas on how to make the most of your wedding day and inspired some unique ideas for making the day your own. I would love to capture all of your moments in your love story! 

So reach out below and let's set up a video meeting to go over your wedding details and package options that would be perfect for you! 

Thank you and happy planning!


Thanks! Message sent.

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